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Elevate your fitness game with Loop's Registered Dietitians

Partnered with and located within O2 Fitness. Get customized nutrition guidance and expert advice for real results—because your health journey deserves personalized support.

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Our Registered Dietitians can help you with…

Loop-icon-guided meal plan
Guided Meal Planning
Loop-icon-increased energy
Increased Energy
Loop-icon-better sleep
Better Sleep
Loop-icon-body comp changes
Body Composition Changes
Loop-icon-improved digestion
Improved Digestion
Loop-icon-evidence based advice
Evidence-Based Advice
Loop-icon-blood sugar regulation
Blood Sugar Regulation
Loop-icon-accountability and motivation
Accountability & Motivation
All Foods Fit.

Built for success

Our Dietitians are not just nutrition pros—they are partners in your health journey. Expect 45-60 minute one-on-one sessions, available via telehealth or in person.

Each session includes:

  • tailored guidance
  • evidence-based advice
  • motivational support for healthier choices aligned with your fitness goals

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Let’s do this

Find out how Loop can elevate your fitness game by scheduling a free, 15-minute chat with a registered dietitian.